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Thank you for your interest in Carolina Custom Products Truck Beds manufactured by Carolina Custom Products, Inc.  We have been manufacturing for companies in the forestry, automotive and emergency vehicle industries since 1989. Our experience brings a whole new level of quality and craftsmanship to the Custom Truck Bed market.

“What makes Carolina Custom truck beds different?” is usually the first question asked by potential customers.  We could go into detail explaining that we use the highest quality materials, have a highly experienced engineering team using state of the art engineering software, that we set rigorous testing standards for our products, and that would all be true.  However, the bottom-line answer is that we build truck beds that work hard, add value to your truck and will last you years to come.

Old-school craftsmanship comes from our dedicated employees that are proud of the products they make, and settle for nothing but the best.  Their attention to detail is a large part of what takes our beds to the next level.  When you combine this with the latest software’s, CNC machinery, lasers and more, the end result is a quality truck bed unmatched by any of our competitors.

Today’s trucks are a large investment.  They have features and capabilities we could have never imagined a decade ago.  We believe that your truck bed is just as important as the truck itself and should be held to the same standard.  Our family of customers have come to expect the quality and dependability that only Carolina Custom Products offers. You’ve made a large investment with your truck; now doesn’t your truck deserve the best?

Our mission at Carolina Custom Products the highest quality, reliability and durability of our custom truck beds are the main focus of every person in our organization. Our success is based on continuously improving the quality of our products. Our commitment is to EXCEED your expectations and deliver top-notch beds made with superior materials. Call us today for a competitive quote at 704-592-5454

Carolina Custom Products, Inc. is committed to producing excellence with every truck we up-fit, no matter the manufacturer brand we build with confidence that our product will enhance and add value to your truck to produce a long lasting, dependable extension of your truck!

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