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One size does NOT fit all! That's why we never take the "cookie cutter" approach to Service Bodies.

Whether you need a beefy medium duty crane equipped bed or you work in a specialty industry, we design and build service bodies for a variety of applications.

Standard Features

Standard Features


Heavy Duty Steel 


Our mounting system is engineered and proven to disburse weight throughout the entire truck chassis using advanced testing software. Featuring our heavy duty steel sub-frame, the strongest goose neck cradle on the market, and a CNC laser pre-cut mounting kit, this system is made to handle the toughest jobs. 


Spacious Built In Toolboxes 

Get loads of storage with this body. Our toolboxes are designed to offer you the maximum amount of space, and the durability to keep your tools safe. 


Gooseneck Ball

This bed features a 2-5/16" Gooseneck ball rated for 30,000 lbs towing capacity. This is tested to ISO Standards through our Solid Edge simulation software, as well as at our testing grounds.


Aerodynamic Headache Rack

We implemented an aerodynamic tapered design to match the contour of your truck’s cab. This look that demands attention, while providing wind resistance, noise reduction control and added fuel savings. Our headache racks are independent components that bolt on. This means any accidental damage can be easily replaced without hassle.

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Integrated Work Lights System

This feature comes wired into your trucks factory wiring. With the switch easily located near the headache rack, our integrated work light system makes night time tasks such as hooking to a trailer or securing down a load easier than ever. No more flashlights, or hunting around in the dark to locate a light. 


3/16" Steel Tread Plate Deck

The added thickness of this steel treadplate gives you a more durable and stronger truck bed. We took this extra step to ensure our beds strength under tough conditions and heavy loads. Our customers work hard, and we feel that our beds should do the same.


LED Lighting

Our LED lights with built-in reflectors meets the Federal Lighting Guide without the use of reflective stickers or separate reflectors. LED’s have a significantly longer life span at 50,000+ hours, shine brighter, and use less energy than typical incandescent lights.


D Rings

This bed comes standard with D-rings that enable you to easily strap down loads.  60” CA models come with 4

D-rings, while 84” CA models come with 6.


Polished Aluminum

Fender Flares

Polished aluminum fender flares add a finished, clean look to this fully skirted bed. 


Fold Down Tailgate

This fold down tailgate allows you to easily access your tools, and keeps them secure.


2-1/2" Receiver

The Gooseneck Service Body's Receiver is rated at 16,000 lbs of towing capacity. This is tested though our Solid Edge simulation software, as well as at our testing grounds. We test our products to ISO standards, and we do not simply meet them. We exceed them.


2 OEM 7-way Sockets

Our high-quality OEM 7-way sockets are located both on the front driver side corner of the bed deck, and on the rear bumper for your towing needs.


Mud Flaps with Anti-Sail Brackets

Built-in Anti-Sail Brackets will keep your mud flaps straight and flat while your truck is in motion.  Our CNC laser cut bracket bolts easily to the rear toolbox for simple and quick installation.


Sealed Wiring Harness with Watertight Junction Box

Having a sealed wiring harness and watertight Junction box greatly reduces the chance of water getting into your trucks wiring. Corrosion of wires and connectors is the leading cause for electrical issues in today’s trucks. We use heat shrunk connectors and wire loom to keep connections from the elements and make sure our products last. 


Made in USA

“Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship and a superior product. Using foreign imports gives no guarantee of quality. At Carolina Custom Products American made products are our first choice, down to the nuts and bolts. While price tags will often be higher for made in USA products, the quality standard is far worth the price difference.



56" CA Take Off Bed
Side View
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Top View
56 CA Top.JPG
60" CA 
Side View
60 CA Side.JPG
Top View
60 CA top.JPG
84" CA
Side View
84 CA side.JPG
Top View
84 CA Top.JPG


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Compartment Lighting

Compartment lighting makes night time work easier than ever. No more need for flashlights! This option adds LED lighting to all of your beds toolboxes.


Color Matching

Add the ultimate finish and look to your truck bed. We use a premium wet paint to match your trucks specific color. If you want to turn heads and have a unique set-up, then this is the option for you!

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CTech Toolboxes

Add CTech Drawers to the front toolbox. The last thing you need to be concerned with is the security of your tools. CTech's dual latch design and innovative drawer construction ensure a secure latch on closure for any terrain.


Power Locks

Power locks allow you to easily lock all bed compartments at once with the push of a button, instead of using a key to lock each individually. This adds an extra layer of security for your items, and adds functionality.

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Spare Tire Mount

 The bolt-on tire mount attaches to the headache rack. This conveniently puts your spare tire out of the way, and prevents it from taking up valuable bed space.

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Rhino Lining

Protect your investment with our spray on Rhino Linings® bed liner. Bed lining helps prevent scratches, dents, and impacts. It also creates a grip friendly surface.  Applying the Rhino Linings® bed liner during the manufacturing process makes for a cleaner, better adhered, and more accurate application.


5th Wheel

This mini 5th wheel is designed to be mounted to the deck overtop of the goose ball and is removable. Giving you the option to use either the 5th wheel or goose ball.


  • Rated at 32K

  • 4 grease points

  • safety locking mechanism 

    • ensures your 5th wheel is locked into the proper postilion ​

  • Billet forged steel that is machined for accuracy 


Sensor and Back-Up Camera installation

Installation of factory sensors and/or back up camera into your truck bed. Truck must come with sensors and/or back up camera.


Gooseneck Service Body
Gooseneck Service Body
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Gooseneck Service Body
Gooseneck Service Body
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Gooseneck Service Body
Gooseneck Service Body
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Gooseneck Service Body Rear View
Gooseneck Service Body Rear View
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Gooseneck Service Body Toolboxes
Gooseneck Service Body Toolboxes
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Gooseneck Service Body Toolboxes
Gooseneck Service Body Toolboxes
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Gooseneck Service Body Rear View
Gooseneck Service Body Rear View
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