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The Steel Service Body has a full compliment of storage compartments, lockable and water tight. Each with internal hinges and anti-theft latches making for a dry environment to store your most expensive tools. Topped off with our 7 stage powder coating process and you've got the durability to go the distance. 

Standard Features

Standard Features

Built In Toolboxes_edited.jpg

Built In Toolboxes 

Built in a 14 gauge shell with doors that are constructed in a double wall configuration provide for a robust bed with vastly increased strength. In addition each door comes with an adhesive backed rubber door seal reducing the chance of water entering the toolbox, keeping your items away from the elements. 

T-Handle Latch.jpg

T-Handle latch 

Our tool boxes feature a spring-loaded T-handle latch that creates a water-resistant seal. The locking mechanism in this handle features a roller that makes opening and closing super smooth. When locked, the handle disengages so it cannot be tampered with. Blind mounting studs mean the fasteners are inaccessible from the outside and also gives a sleek finish. The standard key cylinder in this latch is double bitted, drill resistant, and water resistant. 

Internal Hinge & Gas Charged Shock.jpg

Internal hinge & gas charged shock

Inside each door you'll find gas charged shocks instead of a pin & spring set up to aid in smooth operation while maintaining a clean appearance. Plus, each door is equipped with two in-house engineered internal hinges that are unparalleled in strength and durability. These hinges have the ability to withstand even the most demanding conditions. In fact, a customer once said that they accidentally left the door open when backing out of the garage resulting in knocking part of the wall out. You won't find this level of quality and performance anywhere else.


Galvanized shelves with dividers 

Galvanized shelving makes storing your tools easier. They are also easily removable to allow room for those larger items. Every Service Body comes standard with one shelf per toolbox. Additional shelving is also available. 

Middle Door Chain.jpg

heavy duty door chains

Introducing our fold down door with chains - the strongest and most durable option available on the market. saves space and doubles as a small work area, providing enhanced capabilities and flexibility. 

D Rings.jpg

D Rings

This bed comes standard with D-rings that enable you to easily strap down loads.  56" and 60” CA models come with four D-rings, while 84” CA models come with six.

Deck Plate.jpg

3/16" Steel Tread Plate Deck

The added thickness of this steel treadplate gives you a more durable and stronger truck bed. We took this extra step to ensure our beds strength under tough conditions and heavy loads. 

Alumi Fenders.jpg

Polished Aluminum

Fender Flares

Polished aluminum fender flares add a finished, clean look to this fully skirted bed. 


Fold Down Tailgate

This fold down tailgate allows you to easily access your tools, and keeps them secure.

LED Lighting.jpg

LED Lighting

Made in the USA LED lights with built-in reflectors meets the Federal Lighting Guide without the use of reflective stickers or separate reflectors. LED’s have a significantly longer life span at 50,000+ hours, shine brighter, and use less energy than typical incandescent lights. 

Step Bumper.jpg

step bumper with lava grip textured black

Anti- Slip Step Bumper with textured black powder coat makes stepping up into the bed an ease. This also helps protect the bumper from scratches, dents and impacts from the daily use. 

Mud Flaps.jpg

Mud Flaps with Anti-Sail Brackets

Built-in Anti-Sail Brackets will keep your mud flaps straight and flat while your truck is in motion.  Our CNC laser cut bracket bolts easily to the rear toolbox for simple and quick installation.

Plug In Play.jpg

Sealed Wiring Harness with Water Resistant Plug In Play

Having a sealed wiring harness and water resistant Plug In Play connectors greatly reduces the chance of water getting into your trucks wiring. Corrosion of wires and connectors is the leading cause for electrical issues in today’s trucks. We use heat shrunk connectors and wire loom to keep connections from the elements and make sure our products last. Plug in play is only available on Cab and Chassis Truck modals. 


Made in USA

“Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship and a superior product. At Carolina Custom Products, American made products are our first choice, down to the nuts and bolts. 

B-SSB-101-96-42 Spec_Page_2.jpg
B-SSB-112-80-34 Spec_Page_1.jpg
B-SSB-112-80-34 Spec_Page_2.jpg
B-SSB-112-96-34 Spec_Page_1.jpg
B-SSB-112-96-34 Spec_Page_2.jpg
Side View
Top View


Measurements are in Inches
Side View
B-SSB-101-80-42 Overall Dimensions_Page_1.jpg
Top View
B-SSB-101-80-42 Overall Dimensions_Page_2.jpg
B-SSB-101-96-42 Spec_Page_1.jpg
Side View
Top View
Side View
Top View
B-SSB-136-96-34 Spec_Page_1.jpg
B-SSB-136-96-34 Spec_Page_2.jpg


Side View
Top View
ICC Bumper.jpg

ICC Bumper Hitch

The 2-1/2" Receiver rated at 20K includes ICC bumper protection and features a black powder-coated finish for material protection and a clean look. Two Safety Chain hooks and 7-Way plug is included. The ICC Bumper Hitch fits Ram, Ford and Chevrolet Cab and Chassis Trucks only (Not for Pickups). 

PC Fender Flares.jpg

Powder Coated Fender Flares 

Color Options: 

  • Gloss White 

  • Gloss Black 

  • Textured Black 

Compartment Lighting..jpg

Compartment Lighting

Compartment lighting makes night time work easier than ever. No more need for flashlights! This option adds LED lighting to each toolbox and works off of a momentary contact switch that is attached to each door making the LED'S turn on and off as each door is opened and closed. Compartment Lighting is also connected to the trucks aux switch to disengage power to every compartment  with a push of a button. 

Additional Shelving.jpg

Additional Shelves
with Dividers

Additional shelves are compatible with various compartments, providing the ability to expand organization and storage sizeable load capacities.  

Fip Top Compartments.jpg

Flip Top Compartments

Optimize the storage space on a service body with two flip top compartments on both driver and passenger side. These compartments offer additional storage for small parts and tools while still leaving ample room in the standard compartments. 

Custom Fit Dri-Dek Liner Inside Each Toolbox.jpg

Dri-Dek® Liner

Don’t worry if you need to put any wet items in your toolboxes. We can install custom fit Dri-Dek® Liner in each toolbox, which has a unique elevated flow-through design that allows liquids to drain and air to circulate throughout the compartment decreasing moisture contamination.

C Tech .jpg

C-Tech Drawers

Add C-Tech Drawers to any or all compartments needed to keep tools and parts organized for a more productive and time saving work day. C-Tech's dual latch design and innovative drawer construction ensure a secure latch on closure for any terrain.

Buyers Ladder Rack.jpg

Buyers Products Ladder Rack

Ladder Rack Bolts onto the top of the compartments to keep ladders secured. The rack has  built-in tie points to easily secure cargo and built-in grab handles for added stability when climbing in and out of the truck bed. 


CCP Heavy Duty Ladder Rack

"Get the job done with ease using our custom engineered Full Ladder Rack. With its strength and durability, you can haul any material to the job site without any hassle. Invest in our ladder rack and make your work easier."

Half Ladder Rack.jpg

Ladder 1/2 Rack 

The Half Ladder Racks are the perfect solution for your needs. With its easy bolt and pin system, you can quickly remove the racks to free up your bed space. This way, you can transport long ladders or materials to the job site without any hassle.

Tommy Gate_edited.jpg

Tommy Lift Gate 

The Tommy Gate G2 Series is the perfect solution for lifting heavy materials with ease. It is compatible with any modal Service Body, making it a versatile and reliable choice for your needs.

Bed Liner.jpg

Bed Liner

Protect your investment with spray on bed liner. Bed lining helps prevent scratches, dents, and impacts while creating a grip friendly surface.  

Color Matching.jpg

Color MatchinG

Add the ultimate finish and look to your truck bed. We use a premium wet paint to match your trucks specific color. If you want to turn heads and have a unique set-up, then this is the option for you!

SSB Headache Rack.jpg

Headache Rack 

We implemented an aerodynamic tapered design to match the contour of your truck’s cab. This gives the added benefit of reduced wind resistance, better noise reduction, and greater fuel savings. Our headache racks are independent components that bolt on, allowing for simple and quick replacements.


Secondary Locking System 

Upgrade your tool storage and enjoy the added security of every compartment with the new secondary locking rods. With a simple turn of a nub, you can lock every compartment on one side, saving you time and providing extra protection for your tools. 




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