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Our Aluminum Flat Bed is designed utilizing a 3/16" thick aluminum flat deck that delivers strength, lightweight efficiency and rust resistant material to maintain long lasting utility for the life of your truck.

From there, it can be customized into a wide variety of configurations by adding one or more of our featured options to maximize versatility and meet your most demanding needs.

Shown with aerodynamic headache rack, adjustable straps, and underbody toolboxes.


Standard Features

headache rack.png

3/16" Aluminum  Square Headache Rack

Designed to make sure your cab stays protected. Our headache racks are completely bolt on. This means if there is accidental damage, getting a replacement is no hassle.


Internal Stake Pockets

Set at 24" centers, internal stake pockets give you the capability to easily add side boards and other add-ons. The internal design gives a sleek look to your bed. We pre-cut a hole in each stake pocket to allow for an anchor bolt to tighten your sideboards down to eliminate rattling.


LED Lighting

Our LED lights with built-in reflectors meets the Federal Lighting Guide without having to use reflective stickers or separate reflectors. LED’s have a significantly longer life span, shine brighter, and use less energy than typical incandescent lights.


Mud Flaps with Anti-Sail Brackets

Anti-sail brackets will keep your mud flaps straight and flat while your truck is in motion. We CNC laser cut hole patterns underneath our bed for easy bolt-on installation of mud flaps, toolboxes, slide out ladders, and winch straps.


3/16" Aluminum Deck

Using a thicker material than our competitors gives you a more durable and stronger truck bed. We took this extra step to ensure our beds could stand tough and heavy loads. 


Durable Design

We design all of our beds to outlast the life of your truck. Our Flat beds utilize 7" main rails with 3" cross members set on max 12" centers. This delivers you the toughest and most durable bed on the market. 


Sealed Wiring Harness

Having a sealed wiring harness with heat shrunk connectors reduces the chance of water getting into your trucks wiring. Corrosion of wires and connectors is the leading cause for electrical issues in today’s trucks. We use heat shrunk connectors and wire loom to keep connections from the elements and make sure our products last. 


Made in USA

“Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship and a superior product. At Carolina Custom Products, American made products are our first choice, down to the nuts and bolts. 



60" CA Side View
60 ca side w.png
60" CA Top View
60 ca top w.png
84 ca side w.png
84" CA Side View
84" CA Top View
84 ca top w.png
108" CA Side View
108 ca side w.png
108" CA Top View
108 ca top w.png
120 ca side w.png
120" CA Side View
120" CA Top View
120 ca top w.png



Side Packages

18 fd side w barn doors.JPG

18" Fold down sides with Barn Doors

40 di sides with barn doors.JPG

40" Solid Sides with Barn Doors

18 Stake sides.JPG

18" Steel Stake Sides 

stake sides.JPG

40" Steel Stake Sides 



Manual Tarp

Available with mesh or solid tarp. Compatible with all bed sizes.


self retracting tarp.jpg

Self Retracting Tarp

Available with mesh or solid tarp. Compatible with all bed sizes.


automatic tarp.jpg

Automatic Electric Tarp

Available with mesh or solid tarp. Compatible with all bed sizes.



Adjustable Strap tracking

Adjustable straps come with Strap tracking that allows you to move your straps up and down the length of your bed, making securing items easier than ever.  Straps not included.

10' Bed- B-STRAP-ADJ-10FT

12' Bed- B-STRAP-ADJ-12FT

14' Bed- B-STRAP-ADJ-14FT

16' Bed- B-STRAP-ADJ-16FT

4" Single Adjustable Strap

These straps are compatible with our adjustable strap tracking. Each strap sold separately.


Strap Winch Bar

This tool allows you to tighten down straps with ease.


ICC Bumper/Towing


ICC Bumper

Allows for the capability of pulling a tag-along trailer. Comes standard with a

2 1/2" receiver rated at 18K.


pintle hook.png

Pintle Hook

Compatible with standard and extended ICC bumpers.

Standard ICC bumper rating: 18K


Additional Options


Underbody Toolboxes

Built to keep your equipment safe during heavy duty use. The 12 Ga, cross-broken steel door offers extra rigidity and protection. Designed to keep out moisture and grime

Available in multiple sizes.

18x18x30     18x18x36     18x18x48


Top Deck Toolboxes 

Get extra storage with top deck tool boxes. These toolboxes are designed to keep your tools and other items dry and safe.  Available in 36" and 48"

40 di sides with barn doors.JPG

Cab Protector 

Protect your cab from accidental damage. Our cab protectors are bolt on. Getting a replacement in case of damage is no hassle. Available in 18" and 36" lengths.



areo headache rack.png

Aerodynamic Headache Rack

Upgrade to an aerodynamic tapered design to match the contour of your truck’s cab. This adds a look that demands attention, wind resistance, noise control, plus some fuel savings.  Our headache racks are completely bolt on. This means if there is accidental damage, getting a replacement is no hassle. Shown on aluminum flat bed.



Underbody Step Ladder

This step ladder pulls out from the underbody of your bed. This makes it compact and convenient.



Bolt-on Rub Rails

Our bolt-on rub rails are made out of 3/8 X 3” aluminum bar, and make securing items a breeze. Standard with stainless steel hardware. 

*Not compatible with fold-down sides

ladder rack.png

Ladder Rack




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