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Gooseneck Service Body Toolboxes

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Shown with custom modified headache rack


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Maximum Storage

We engineered our toolboxes to give you the most space possible. Front and rear toolboxes include shelving units.


56" CA Takeoff Bed Storage:

Flip Top Toolbox: 5 ½ Cubic Feet 

Front toolbox: 12 Cubic Feet

Rear Toolbox: 5 ½ Cubic Feet

60" CA Storage:

Flip Top Toolbox: 6 Cubic Feet

Front toolbox: 14 Cubic Feet

Rear Toolbox: 8 ½ Cubic Feet

84" CA Storage:

Flip Top Toolbox: 6 Cubic Feet

Front toolbox 1: 14 Cubic Feet

Front toolbox 2: 10 ½  Cubic Feet

Rear Toolbox: 8 ½ Cubic Feet


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Compartment Lighting

Compartment lighting makes night time work easier than ever. No more need for flashlights! This option adds LED lighting to all of your beds toolboxes.

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CTech Toolboxes

Add CTech Drawers to the front toolbox. The last thing you need to be concerned with is the security of your tools. CTech's dual latch design and innovative drawer construction ensure a secure latch on closure for any terrain.

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Dri-Dek® Liner

Don’t worry if you need to put a wet items, such as tie down straps, into the tool box. We can install custom fit Dri-Dek® Liner in each toolbox, which has a unique elevated flow-through design that allows liquids to drain and air to circulate throughout the compartment decreasing moisture contamination.


Power Locks

Power locks allow you to easily lock all bed compartments at once with the push of a button, instead of using a key to lock each individually. This adds an extra layer of security for your items, and adds functionality.

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