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Steel Sub Frame

Steel Sub Frame 

Carolina Custom Products heavy duty steel sub frame is designed to increase both the hauling and towing capabilities of your truck. 4" main frame rails are CNC laser cut and designed with pre cut mounting holes specifically for our mounting kits. 

Mounting Kit

Our mounting kit uses all grade 8 hardware to eliminate welding. This allows for a quick and easy installation. Our mounts are strategically placed to evenly distribute heavy loads over the truck's chassis. The rear mounts are designed to add additional support to the rear receiver for increased towing capacity.

subframe4 (1).png
Goose Neck Cradle 

Our goose neck cradle is by far the strongest on  the market featuring cross laminated 3/8” steel plate that gives a total thickness of 3/4”. Using a wider platform than our competitors allows for better weight distribution and a smoother, more comfortable ride. Our cradle houses a goose ball rated at 30,000 pounds with built in safety chain hooks. 


Our steel sub frames are tested to both ISO and SAE standards using an advanced simulation testing software. Once simulation testing is complete, our products go through further testing at our on site 'proving grounds'. Taking both these steps ensure our products have the capability to perform the toughest jobs.   

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